Thursday, September 18, 2008

Training Begins

I am a gay slut whore slave as such my master has ordered me to create and maintain this blog so everyone can see what a useless little whore I am.
Master says that weekly updates will be made by me along with pictures of my training progress.
Master placed the following training agreement before me and gave me 5 minutes to read and sign it.

You agree to be trained as a dogslave
to be humiliated, disciplined and exhibited.
By accepting this agreement you become the property of your Trainer, unconditionally and without recourse for as long as he chooses.
Do not expect leniency, affection or compassion during the course of your training.

Exhibitionism Section

You will be exhibited naked
You will be exhibited in restraints
You will be exhibited In public wearing compulsory clothing that exposes your vulnerability or invites ridicule including but not limited to ragged and dirty pants, rubber, lycra, tight shorts, chastity shorts
You will be exhibited dirty and unwashed
You will never wear underwear or a jock
Your head will be shaved or your hair will be cut in a ridiculous manner
You will be photographed, observed in public, see Humiliation.
You will grovel and beg in public
You will be walked and trained in public
You will be forbidden to use public toilet facilities.
You must exercise self-control or relieve yourself as best you can.
You will receive progressive Toilet Training.
You will be trained (Humiliated, restrained, disciplined)
All aspects of your training will be photographed and video taped for publication on the Web and in magazines .

Humiliation Section

You will be covered in lube, oil, filth for extended periods
You must exercise self-control or relieve yourself as best you can, without touching your cock, or asking for assistance.
You will be locked into a cock chastity cage
You will be naked or nearly naked in public
You will be pissed on and used as a latrine
You will drink your own piss
You will be stepped on with muddy, oily, and filthy boots and will lick them
Your mouth and asshole will be forcibly stuffed with food
You will eat food that has been stuffed up your asshole
You will be treated like a dog
You will be treated like a pig
You will be written on with humiliating language
You will eat out of a dog dish
You will eat table scraps that have been thrown or spit on the floor
Lit candles will be shoved into your mouth, cock hole, asshole
Your cock and balls will be leashed
Dirty dildoes, fingers and any object your trainer chooses will be forced into your mouth and asshole
You will lick, suck or swallow any object your Trainer puts in your mouth
You will be taught to play nasty games with other dogslaves to amuse your Trainer and his friends
Your body will be shaved,
Your will wear rubber covered in lube, piss or filth.
You will bark and whimper like the dog that you are in public.
You will wear a balloon over your cock so that you may recycle your piss.

Bondage Section

When you are not being trained or exhibited you will be restrained. If you are observed touching your genitals or if there is any evidence that you have cum, you will be caged or heavily restrained for twenty-four hours or longer.
You will be restrained with chains, ropes, shackles, thongs and tape.
You will be blindfolded or hooded.
You will be muzzled or gagged.
You will have dildoes or plugs secured up your asshole for an unspecified duration.
You genitals will be stretched, clamped or secured as your master sees fit.
You will be entered while restrained: mouth, cock hole, asshole.
You will be kept in a straitjacket or sleep sack for an unspecified duration.
You will sleep in a rubber or leather bodybag.
You will be locked into a dog cage.
You will be mummified.
You will be put into chains.
You will be suspended by ankles or wrists and used.
You will be tied in a chair or frame.
You will be impaled on a Tower of Power and forced take toys of Masters choosing.
Your head will be mummified.
You will wear movable, but limiting, bondage equipment long term.
You will wear bondage equipment under clothing in public.
You will be left unattended with only your balls chained to a ring in the floor.

Discipline Section

You will be disciplined for your own good, and you will be disciplined to amuse your Trainer and you will be severely disciplined for all infractions.
You will be clothes-pinned.
Your ass will be spanked.
Your ass will be paddled and whipped with belts and crops.
You ass will be kicked.
Your back, legs, chest and stomach will be whipped.
You cock and balls will be whipped.
You will be worked over with fists, suspended and used as a punch-bag.
Your cock and balls will be coated in hot wax.
Your balls will be coated with Ben Gay or Sports Creams .
Your cock and ball will be squeezed, stretched and clamped.
Your cock, balls and nipples will be punished with brushes and abrasives.
Your nipples will be tortured.
Weights will be hung from your cock, balls and nipples.
Your cock, balls, asshole and body will be tortured with electricity.

Exhibitionism Section

You will be a slave.
You will be a pig.
You will be an animal, or the lowest most unworthy thing for your Trainer.
You will be dildoed, fisted and fucked.
You will be dominated.
You will be force fed.
You will be given enemas and castor oil.
You will be trained.
You will be used as furniture (as in an ashtray, foot stool, etc).
You will be led around on a leash.
You will take your own piss, into your mouth along with other liquids, until your bladder is fully manipulated.
You will Wear a blindfold or hood.
You will Wear a butt plug visibly in public.
You will Wear a chastity device for a period long enough to have an effect - with harsh punishment for any attempt to cum.
You will be trained to take larger dildoes, and learn to clean them.
You will be trained to take larger enemas.

By accepting this agreement you become the property of your Trainer, unconditionally and without recourse for as long as he chooses.
Do not expect leniency, affection or compassion during the course of your training.




After I signed it, Master slapped me so hard I flew off the chair and then ordered me to strip. I started to get up and Master again slapped me down.
I stripped as quickly as I could and stayed on the floor.
When I was naked Master slapped me hard again and then told me my eyes where to always look down at the floor, I immediately complied.
Master then tossed a pair of Flojo sandals to me and instructed me to put them on with my little toe showing. I was instructed that these would be the only clothes I would own from now on.
Master made me stand up and my feet where photographed:

Master then placed a new leather dog collar on me and then I was made to kneel before the computer and go to the Slave Registry where he made me get my number.
Master then attached a leash to my collar and I was made to stand up again.
Master then took pictures of my useless penis and butt pussy.

I was then led downstairs and into Masters Dungeon, once there I was placed in a small dark closet and told to stay.
I don’t know how long Master left me in there, I think it was days I know it was long enough for Master to get me a dog tag which after I was let out of the closet was put on my collar:

While in the closet I could not help but to piss and shit I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I didn’t know how long I was going to be left in the closet. After so long I couldn’t even smell it anymore. But Master said it stunk to high heaven and that I was not supposed to relieve myself until he told me to.
Master then took a belt to me and I was beaten severely until the welts broke skin and I bled. Then Master told me I was to clean my mess.
He then attached a sponge to my penis and I had to scrub the closet with boiling hot water by dipping the sponge attached to my penis into the bucket and then humping the ground.

After I had cleaned the closet the best I could Master made me lick the remainder of the filth up while he beat my ass with a paddle.
When all was done he told me what a useless dirty little whore I was and that he was considering letting wear clothes until he saw the mess I made. He then handed me my folded up clothes and told me to follow him.
I did so and he led me to a fireplace that I guess was used to warm the dungeon.
He opened the screen to it and told me to throw all my clothes in. I again hesitated and was slapped to the floor. The second time I was told, I threw the clothes in. Master made me watch them burn and he told me that my old life was just like my clothes, gone forever, that I was now a slave and my name would be Pigbutt, just like the tag said.
He then explained to me the rules for my existence.
He then placed a copy of the training agreement I had signed before in front of me and made me read it out loud.
When I was finished Master took me over to a towel he had laying on the floor with different toys on them. He told me in time I would take each of them like a pro.
I was then taken into a separate room of the dungeon that contained what looked like a portable toilet on a stage.
Master told me this was my new room. I had thought he meant I was to be chained to the toilet. But as usual I was wrong. Master lifted the toilet bowl and I saw my new room under the toilet.
I was then brought here to the computer to make this first post.
I will sign off now until next week when Master has me post an update.